Diamond Melee

We stock our own goods and have strong relationships with several of the nation’s best known diamond houses. From ideally cut, high-color melee to budget conscious goods, Casting House provides you with exactly what you need to give your customer what they want.

We consistently offer three diamond melee quality grades that fall into the following categories: 

"AAA" Diamond Melee

We consider our premier "AAA" diamonds "collection goods quality."  
These round brilliant diamonds are very good to excellent cut for maximum brilliance.

"AAA" diamond quality:

  • F - G Color
  • VS2 - SI1 Clarity 

"AA" Diamond Melee

Good to very good cut round brilliant diamonds.
“AA” quality:

  • G - H Color
  • SI1 - SI2 Clarity

"A" Diamond Melee

Good cut round brilliant diamonds.
"A" quality:

  • G - I Color
  • SI2 Clarity


Please log in to view bridal collection diamond and setting pricing. To request a custom project diamond quote, please email us with the specifics of your job. We will provide a quote within 24 business hours. Please contact us for turnaround times.

Our fully customizable bridal collection is designed for high-quality, hand-selected and calibrated diamond melee. Due to the precise nature of CAD design, we are unable to use customer-supplied melee in Casting House bridal collection designs. Please visit our setting your gemstones page for information on center gemstones and our client valuables handling policy.


Diamond and gemstone melee is used in many Bridal designs and custom jewelry designs to add sparkle and interest. Melee can be used in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and nearly any other jewelry imaginable. While there are many variations on diamond melee setting styles, it’s important for everyone in the design process to use the same terms in order to achieve the intended result.

Diamond melee setting options (pictured below, from top left)

  • Delicate French V-Split setting: this setting style is made with delicately split prongs that form a scalloped-shape when viewed from the side
  • Pave setting: a dramatic setting that is created using shared prongs and three or more rows of expertly placed diamond melee
  • Surface prong setting: in this setting style, small shared prongs are raised slightly above the surface of the metal and tiny cuts are made for the melee culets
  • Shared prong settings: a versatile style, typically also suitable for larger gemstones as well, featuring either opened or closed galleries
  • Bar setting: an elegant setting style that uses small cuts in metal ‘bars’ on either side of the diamond melee to hold in place
  • Bezel setting: a clean-looking style that encircles the diamond melee with a tiny rim of precious metal
  • (pictured below, from top left)

  • Bead bright setting: this is a very popular and versatile setting style, with shared prongs and usually a slightly beveled side wall
  • Scallop setting: another favorite setting style, these are delicate shared prongs that form a scalloped-shape when viewed from the side
  • Channel setting: a classic and clean-looking setting style where the melee is set between recessed metal walls, without prongs
  • Fishtail setting: an elegant setting where the diamond melee is set low into the metal with delicate fishtail-shaped cuts
  • Flush setting: a sleek setting style in which diamond melee is set individually, directly into the metal and without prongs