About Us

South Beach Diamond is a high-end jewelry manufacturer. The company originally started selling  its products to wholesalers and retail stores and quickly gained recognition as the leading manufacturer of high-end diamond jewelry. South Beach Diamond’s product line has expanded throughout the years and includes an  extensive collection of bridal jewelry, rings, diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

South Beach Diamond is the original manufacturer of all jewelry seen on South Beach Diamond. The operation is based in New York, New York and currently works with talented model makers and an expertly trained production team. When you buy from South Beach Diamond, you benefit from the broad practical jewelry manufacturing experience.



South Beach Diamond is dedicated to providing the top level of service to its customers. Trained customer service representatives are ready to provide excellent help via telephone chat and email support 7 days a week. The company truly makes every effort to extend their commitment to quality throughout all aspects of the company. Whether looking for product information, recommendations or advice, or have questions about their policies, an South Beach Diamond Representative will gladly assist.

South Beach Diamond’s commitment to customer satisfaction includes the highest standard of quality for each of their products. While maintaining competitive prices, the goal is to make your internet shopping experience exceed shopping in a store. Being the manufacturer enables the company to offer each jewelry item in a large range of sizes, diamond carat weights, gold karats in yellow or white, or platinum, thus creating many price points for each product. These various combinations and their unique manufacturing process allow customers to customize any product based on individual tastes and budgets.

The high quality images throughout the website illustrate each jewelry item in its finest detail. It allows customers to carefully examine each jewelry item before making a purchase.

South Beach Diamond guarantees the quality of their products will go beyond expectations and take every step possible to ensure customer satisfaction from the point of sale to delivery. Your comments and thoughts are greatly valued, and your feedback is used to continually improve their level of service.


Commitment to the Environment

South Beach Diamond conforms to the Kimberly act of 2003: In April 2003, the Congress of The United States of America and President George Bush passed a law adopting the Kimberly Process, which requires all US diamond retailers to buy all their diamonds only from manufacturers who have documentation warranting that the diamonds were obtained through legitimate channels. South Beach Diamond fully complies with the Kimberly act of 2003.

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