All items over $300 purchased at South Beach Diamond will arrive with an appraisal document, included complementary with your purchase. Diamond certificates are issued by independent gemological laboratories. A fine jewelry appraisal is a document accepted by most insurance companies, stating the estimated market value and replacement value of an item.

Your appraisal will describe the thoroughly calculated worth using factors such as:

  • Diamond or Gemstone Carat Weight
  • Diamond Color & Clarity
  • Diamond or Gemstone Cut Grade
  • Type of precious metal
  • Approximate retail replacement value of the item

A certification recognizes quality characteristics identified in a uniform laboratory environment, which allows to you to gauge and compare quality and value. Our appraisals generally ensure that in an unfortunate instance of loss or theft of your fine jewelry item, the insurance company will provide you an exact replacement of the item. Your insurance company can rely on this appraisal to approximate an insured value for your piece of fine jewelry.

 Appraisal for items lower $300 will be issued by request.

In our extensive online diamond and jewelry education, we share our knowledge with you and explain how each diamond characteristic such as carat, color, clarity, and cut promotes to the quality and value of diamonds.